Solar Panels

Save on energy costs

With today’s high energy costs, it is hugely beneficial for both individuals and businesses to opt for solar panels.

Installing solar panels is an investment that pays for itself in a reasonably short period of time. With your own solar power you immediately save on your monthly energy costs. You can take advantage of attractive subsidies for both private and business customers.

Currently there are many different solar panels on the market. Our company would like to focus on the most favorable situation for You as a customer for now & in the future.

A-quality solar panels

We offer A-quality solar panels. An expert installer will look specifically at your consumption and the correct capacity of solar panels required.

The roof slope and location of the house or business premises in relation to the sun are included in the calculation.

If necessary, JM Solutions will adapt the meter box for you. Here we check whether the meter box meets the regulations, such as the NEN-1010 requirements. We renew with A-brand products.

Custom Solar Panels

No ready-made package with us. Customization comes first with a fair price-quality ratio!

Being spared the VAT refund and no paperwork afterwards, that’s possible!

To maximize your return in the long run, we also offer a maintenance contract & annual cleaning.

The Pros

  • Top quality solar panels
  • Powerful custom inverter
  • Adaptation of meter box
  • Honest advice; your consumption & required panels
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Tight & efficient installation
  • No paperwork afterwards (VAT refund)
  • Maintenance contract & annual cleaning possible
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Solar Panels