Security Technology

You want to feel safe at all times and everywhere. Electrical security is an important part of optimizing your living or working environment.

In a home, business premises or public building, visitors, customers and suppliers come and go. The presence of valuables and sensitive information requires a complete customized security plan.

JM Solutions can help you realize this. Our offer consists of good quality security systems. We work with precision. The installations are delivered professionally and tightly finished.

Security System

A security system is no longer seen as a luxury item these days, but is a must for many people. Modern, approved security systems make you feel safe and significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

We install alarm systems and security cameras at businesses and homes.

The system will be completely customized to your needs. Does the alarm need to be set by zone? Do you want to install cameras and what is the appropriate place for this? Will the notification arrive at the central alarm center or directly on your phone? Would you like silent alarms or alarm bells and/or strobe lights? Everything is possible!

Advantage of security camera

The advantage of a security camera is that you can always remotely view and review the home or business situation. Conveniently from your phone, for example. In addition, the images can help identify burglars.

Malfunctions and maintenance

You can also contact us for troubleshooting or maintenance of your security system. If desired, you can take out a maintenance contract so that the installation remains up to date.

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Personal alarm

Do you ever feel unsafe or worried about your aging father or mother? Would you like to be able to safely leave the children at home alone? Then this system is the solution!

Personal alarm is an alarm system to call for help in emergency situations. Through an emergency button that you carry with you, you can alert self-selected contacts or emergency services. One push of the button and help arrives!

We have successfully installed these call systems in nursing homes in the past.

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Access control system

At a commercial building, public building or apartment complex, an access control system can provide a great deal of security and convenience.

Only those with a valid access tag are authorized to open the door and enter the premises. This keeps unauthorized and unwanted visitors out and creates a safe environment for residents or staff.

Intercom System

Do you hear the doorbell but are not expecting any visitors? Then it is always nice when you can see immediately via the phone or tablet who is at the door. Even if you yourself are not at home or in the building.

The intercom system includes a camera and also offers the possibility to communicate with visitors. The system can be set to volume, ringtone and viewing angle of the camera as desired. Also, the corresponding door can be opened remotely.

Security Technology