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For optimal indoor climate, both summer and winter!

The popularity of an air conditioning system in the home is great. It is very common these days to have air conditioning. The spring and summer months are getting hotter and hotter because of climate changes. As a result, people sleep worse at night, experience physical complaints such as headaches or stuffiness and are less productive during the day.
With the push of a button, you can solve all these annoying conditions.
We work with top quality air conditioners of the Mitsubishi brand. These systems are very powerful, noiseless and energy efficient. Within a short period of time, your desired rooms are delightfully at temperature with proper humidity.

Quick heating

The air conditioning systems we install also give you benefits in winter. This is because it allows you to heat rooms quickly and create a pleasant temperature. You cannot achieve this effect in such a short time with underfloor heating or a central heating system.

No more dry air in the house

Also, the humidity in the house can be controlled with our systems.
Very important, since humidity has a lot of influence on our health. Dry air (often in winter due to heating) can cause eye irritation or skin and respiratory problems. High humidity stimulates perspiration, among other things.
Good air conditioning ensures that the humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. At this, one feels best, electrical appliances are not affected and the growth of mold in the home is avoided.

Suffering from dust mites or pollen?

More and more people are allergic. An added benefit of our air conditioners is that they also filter dust, dirt and unpleasant odors from the air. The dust filters and anti-allergy filters eliminate harmful elements, such as pollen, dust mites, bacteria and viruses, from the air. More than 99% of allergens are filtered out, eliminating them from harm when inhaled. You will immediately benefit from improved air quality.

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Annual cleaning and maintenance

When you use our maintenance contract, we come annually to clean your air conditioner, change filters and perform maintenance. This way you continue to enjoy optimal air quality in your home.

Would you like to remotely control your air conditioning so that you come home to a pleasant climate? This is certainly possible. Most of the models we install have this option. Ideal for arriving at a wonderfully cool home after a long day of work.

Our systems

Mitsubishi’s air conditioning systems are top notch. JM Solutions works with several lines of these, such as the Heavy Industries, Electric, diamond line and design line.
We install single split, multi-split and VRF systems. Including wall, ceiling and floor models.

The streamlined wall models exude sophistication and quality and are also beautiful to look at. The wall units are available in multiple colors to fit into a modern stylish interior.
The luxurious controls can be supplied in the same color and design as the unit.

The color options are red, black, pearl white and natural white.
The designer line also offers a titanium version.

Carefully laid out with attention to detail

JM Solutions works accurately and with care. We therefore look with you for the correct arrangement of the system and a neat finish with as little gutter as possible.
The gutter can be supplied in various desirable colors to give a nice neat look.

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The choice of an air conditioning system is always tailored to personal needs, circumstances and construction of your home or business premises. We are happy to give you expert advice.

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Air Conditioning